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Seascape Impressionist Oil and Oil Pastel Painting Fishing Boat Sunset

  • £180.00

Seascape Impressionist Oil Pastel Painting Fishing Boat Sunset Framed Original Vintage Nautical Art Maritime Painting  

1980's vintage oil and oil pastel on canvas board seascape in gold painted frame with decorative hanger. A lone boat floats gently on the calm coastal waters as the sun goes down. Textured oil pastel in dark hues with golden highlights perfectly captrures the last moments of sunset over the sea.  

Measures 13.5" (34cm) tall x 25.5" (65cm) wide overall and the gold painted rustic wooden frame is approx. 1.25 inches wide. The decorative metal hanger is approx 1.5" x 2.25" and will be unscrewed for transit.