Living Room Decor

Living Room Art

Discover the allure of wall art prints for living rooms. Dive into a world of artistic expression, curated to elevate your space. Explore diverse styles, from classic to contemporary, and learn how these prints add personality, charm, and sophistication to your home decor, creating a captivating ambiance for every visitor.

Living room Decor,Japanese Wall art, set of 2 Sesshu Toyo Prints
Living room Decor, set of 2 Amedeo Modigliani Prints

Neutral Living Room Wall Art

Neutral living rooms gracefully accommodate both Modigliani’s elegant elongated portraits and Sesshū Tōyō’s minimalist 15th century Japanese landscape prints. Modigliani’s subjects, awash in beiges and grays, introduce striking yet muted color. Similarly, Sesshū Tōyō’s nature scenes subtly incorporate pale earth tones. Both provide visual interest without overpowering the understated palette. These works by two artistic masters from different eras effortlessly complement neutral spaces with their muted color schemes and graceful simplicity.

Green Living Room wall art

Green Living Room Art

Green living room wall art is a great way to bring nature indoors. Leafy plant prints, bamboo wall hangings, and reclaimed wood pieces with natural knot holes create an earthy feel. Greens and blues reminiscent of forests or oceans establish tranquility. Ferns and foliage in simple black frames add organic texture without overwhelming the space. Green accents introduce calming hues while complementing neutral furnishings. Simple touches like these gracefully inject the outdoors into living room decor. Try these Gustav Klimt prints.

Living Room Modern Art Set of 2 Alexej von Jawlensky Prints

Blue Living Room Decor

Blue is a serene colour that works well in living rooms. One perfect match is the expressive abstract portraits by Alexej von Jawlensky from around 1914. His vibrantly coloured heads use a limited palette of blues with splashes of red, capturing intriguing emotive qualities. Prints of these works would add drama and reflection to a blue living area through Jawlensky's bold yet meditative style.

Kandinsky geometric abstracts
Natalia Goncharova bold abstract

White Living Room Wall Art

White living rooms achieve an airy elegance when adorned with geometric abstract art. Kandinsky's bold shapes in shades of black, gray, and cream energize the space with clean lines and artistic flair. Similarly, the strong forms and asymmetric angles of cubist prints in bright and intense colours pop against the white backdrop. These graphic abstract prints provide striking contrast and visual interest through color, shape, and dimension while remaining refined enough for the understated white interior.

Paul Signac Prints

Pink Living Room Art

Pink living rooms call for softly feminine art. Brightly hued prints by Neo-Impressionist Paul Signac pair perfectly. His watercolors captured the play of light on water in Pointillist style, using tiny dots of pure color. Vibrant palettes awash in pinks, oranges and reds replicate the cheerful glow of sunshine. Signac's dizzying harbor scenes and atmospheric beach landcapes would bring a serene, luminous ambiance to a pink-toned space.