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Bedroom Art

Discover the art of bedroom transformation with our curated collection. From timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces, explore a world of creativity. Elevate your space, evoke emotions, and make your walls speak volumes. Dive into the realm of artistic elegance and reimagine your bedroom aesthetics.

scenes of cairo
Set of 2 fantasy nudes - bedroom wall art by Luis Ricardo Falero

Neutral Bedroom Wall Art

For peaceful bedrooms in soft grey or beige hues, try fantasy nudes by Colombian artist Luis Ricardo Falero from the 1920s. His dreamlike paintings featuring slender nymphs amid flora exude gentle romance. Or opt for David Roberts' tranquil hand-tinted lithographs from the 1830s capturing Egypt's antique marvels in muted tones, transporting the viewer through fantastical architecture and scenery. Both styles create relaxed ambiance.

Tasteful nude prints

Blue Bedroom Decor

For a serene blue bedroom, hang delicate nude art by early 20th century artist Suzanne Valadon. Her sensitively rendered model paintings radiate intimacy rather than overt sensuality. Valadon captured fluctuating light and shadow on skin with expressive brushwork, imbuing her subjects with introspection. Soft-hued prints of works like Nude Sitting on a Sofa and Nude seated on the edge of a bed complement a tranquil blue space through their tasteful humanism and meditative qualities.

Red Angel by Karl Mediz
Geometric prints by Piet Mondrian

Red Bedroom Wall Art

A red bedroom calls for wall art with bold intensity to match the vivid hue. Striking geometric abstractions by Piet Mondrian such as Composition of Red and White; Nom 1 from the 1920s balance strict lines with dynamic color, echoing the tonal drama. Or opt for Karl Mediz's provocative 1933 lithograph Red Angel depicting a nude female with striking scarlet wings poised seductively - her mystical figure captivates within a red setting. Both suit strong art to complement passionate red walls.

Bedroom wall art ideas

Green Bedroom Art

A restful green bedroom calls for art enhancing the hue. Gustav Klimt created several dreamlike landscapes featuring lush vegetation that would complement the tone beautifully. Prints of works like Apple Tree I and Apple Tree II depict fantastical groves and gardens suffused in an ethereal green light. The golden artist's symbolic landscapes, with their balanced use of the predominant shade, are perfectly calming choices to hang on a verdant bedroom wall. Try these Gustav Klimt prints.

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon_pablo picasso_greenpink room

Pink Bedroom Art

Colorful bedrooms in green and pink hues call for vibrant wall art to match. Reproductions of works by Pablo Picasso would blend playfully with the tones. Picasso's rose period paintings from 1900-1904 depict feminine circus performers amid lush environments in soft palettes mirroring the bedroom colors. Later Cubist pieces like Les Demoiselles d'Avignon juxtapose geometric forms in dynamic pinks and greens, infusing calm spaces with creative energy.