Marbled Gold Painted Wooden Frames - Choice of Sizes - Landscape and Portrait Formats

Aperture size
Ordering a new print from us - have it framed and delivered ready to hang

If ordering for a print you are purchasing from GalleryThane, select the same size as your print. If ordering several prints and different frames please contact us to send a message confirming which print is to be inserted into each frame.


Made to order from high quality wood painted in a marbled slate finish

The frame dimensions refer to the aperture size - the image is based on a 10x8 inch frame

The moulding measures 80mm wide and 15mm deep

Other colours available

Frames are ready to hang in both portrait and landscape whilst frames up to and including 14x11 inches are to stand also

Each frame comes with an MDF backing board and is fitted with glass however please note that frame sizes larger than 20x16 inches will come fitted with high clarity perspex safety glass as standard

Image in illustration is 8x10 inch aperture frame

Made to order within 3 working days of receipt of orders

Size Options


Frame size quoted is the aperture area.

Mounts and frames add considerably to the final dimensions.

For example, the 8x10 inch print with white mount and white frame will measure approximately 10x14 inches overall and the 24x30 inch print with white mount and white frame will measure approximately 32x38 inches overall.



All of our frames are fitted with a backing board with integral hanging points.

Our mounts are cut from sustainable sourced acid free board. The mount aperture is typically 1/4 inch (6mm) smaller than the stated size in both directions to allow the mounting of borderless prints.


Frames up to 16x20 inches are fitted with high clarity glass and larger frames are fitted with high quality acrylic which has the same visual clarity as our glass. These sheets have a protective film on both sides which should be removed before use.