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From Patent Drawings to Patent Wall Art

Many old patent drawings have great potential to be great pieces of art to decorate your walls. However, they are not suitable for framing and hanging right in the condition in which they are found at the Patent Office.. Some patent drawings and filings go back to the early 1800s and even more recent filings from the 1970's have lots of age related wear and blemishes including tears, missing pieces, smudges and lines. Many filings also include images which are slightly skewed
All of these imperfections have to be dealt with before a suitable high quality patent print can be made.


The process of transforming an old patent illustration into a high quality art print involves painstaking attention to detail. 
Individual patent illustrations are hand chosen on the basis of patent subject and artistic merit of the attached patent diagrams.
The originals often have often many imperfection which are carefully removed with missing sections restored and excessive "noise" removed.
Patent filings often include several pages and drawings. In many cases some of the original patent drawings will be combined into a single patent print.
This involves selecting the drawings that best represent the invention, making them fit together while retaing the look and feel of the original patent.
It is not unusual to take several hours to prepare one of these patent prints.
When the patent print has been cleaned up and assembled from various sections,  variations of each patent with several different backgrounds wil be created.
The different backgrounds include a wide range of colours and finishes and custom options are also available on request.

Framed Patent Print Process

Framed Patent Print Process

coffee themed patent prints

Italian Coffee Retro Poster print

Themed Patent prints

Patent prints are a great way to decorate any space. Since they are the bones of an item, patent illustrations can give a deconstructed and edgy feel to any space where they are used. Patent prints come in a wide range of background colour options which can be coupled with monochrome frames and mounts to give an edge that makes the space feel a bit more industrial. Patent prints cover every day items like building blocks that your child loves to beer brewing  and sports equipment.
Framed patent prints are also a great way to give a themed consistent look to a home or business. From regimented neat rows for a very orderly look  to a haphazard assortment for a less formal look you choose to display your patent prints in a unique way.

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