James Lucas - August 2022

How to Choose Wall Art for your Kitchen

A kitchen is often considered as the heart of a home. Nowadays, open plan kitchens and dining rooms are becoming more popular for family mealtimes and entertaining. Families are spending more time than ever in the kitchen, so it is important to make this space welcoming by adding some personality with unique kitchen wall art.
If you want to add something new to your kitchen without having to repaint or redecorate, kitchen wall art is a great option. You should try to find a piece or selection of art that meshes well with the existing style of your kitchen. For example, if you have a traditional or shaker-style kitchen, you might want to look for vintage-inspired kitchen wall art with pretty botanical or fruit designs, whereas a more modern kitchen would be better suited to a geometric or funky typographical print.

Choose the right size

If you have limited wall space in your kitchen, it is important to choose your kitchen wall art wisely. Large kitchen wall art may not be appropriate for every kitchen. If you have less space, consider smaller pieces that will have a big impact. Bright colours or bold typography can help draw the eye.
If you're lucky enough to have more wall space in your kitchen, you could consider adding some larger kitchen wall art, like a large painting or some kitchen canvas wall art that would really make a statement.

Espresso Patent in Limed Brown Frame

Espresso coffe machine  patent print in Limed Brown frame with white mount

Modern living room with Paul Nash print

The Cafe-Concert, Edouard Manet print in black frame with white mount

Placing Your art in the Kitchen

The best place to hang kitchen wall art depends on the amount of space available. If there is open shelving, smaller prints can be added among other pieces of kitchenware. If there is a lot of horizontal space over a splashback or above countertops, a triptych of prints in the same size and frame can fill the space while also keeping the art balanced. If you have a large open wall space in your kitchen, you can either put up one large piece of kitchen wall art, or choose a group of smaller pieces to create a gallery wall. If you want your kitchen to have a neat and geometric arrangement of art pieces, you can hang your gallery wall in a more random assortment of prints and sizes. This adds some personality to your kitchen and allows you to add more prints later on and experiment with different shapes and arrangements.

Colour choices

If you want to add some color to your kitchen or dining room, consider adding some fun wall art. Colors on the warmer end of the spectrum, like bold reds and oranges or buttery yellows, can create a happy and energetic feeling. These colors are also said to encourage the appetite, so they may be particularly well-suited for a kitchen or dining space. If your kitchen has a more sleek and minimal look, you can still make a statement with monochrome prints. 
You can use a colour wheel to work out complementary colours, or use the same colour in a variety of shades. Try mixing different frame colours to highlight your kitchen wall art.

Marthe Donas prints in a stylish modern setting

Vintage travel posters in white frames

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