Custom Mountboard, Mattes For Art Prints

CHF 12.00
Overall Size
Ordering a new print from us and already have a non-standard frame - choose a custom mount to fit your frame

If ordering for a print you are purchasing from GalleryThane, select the aperture to be the same size as your print and the overall matte size to fit the rebate of your frame. contact us if you need help or advice.

If your exact overall size is not listed just select the next size up from the drop down size list eg, if you need a 12x22 inch mount select the 16x22 inch option and enter your custom size in the box below.

Then enter your required cut-out size and finally click on the coulour square of your choice.


Made to order from high quality conservation grade white core acid-free mountboard stock.

Mount dimensions refer to the overall size of the mount - not the cut-out area. If your overall mount or matte size is not listed, simply choose the closest size up from your required dimensions and add the actual required dimensions in the custom mount size box.

We cut precisely but ask for a tolerance of +/- 2mm on all dimensions.

Add the dimensions of the cut-out aperture in the cut--out size box.

The cut-out will be centred on the mountboard and cut at a standard 45 degree angle which reduces the aperture size by approx 2mm in each direction allowing some overlap of the mount and print for fixing.

Made to order within 2 working days of receipt of orders

Mountboards are sent in reinforced boxes to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Size Options


Mounts fit within the rebate area of the frame - measure the rebate area from the back of the frame - this is usually 3-5mm wider than the aperture at the front of the frame.

Small frames look best with at least a 1 inch wide matte or mount board and larger frames will look better with up to 4 inches.